The Tome of Healthy Nails: Hygiene and A Trip To The Nail Salon


Our nails is a vital part of our body and our overall health. These help indicate if we are in good or bad condition. distorted and discolored nails usually imply that you have an internal problem that needs to be solve. (And can be a major turn off for most people!) On the other hand, having a good set of nails can make one person more attractive and give a better impression. I, myself, is quite keen on keeping my nails clean and nothing feels more rewarding than getting pampered at a nail spa!

Moving on, I have some nice set of tips for you to be able to have healthier and stronger nails.

Moisturize your nails. You can use some oil or lotion to keep your nails moisturized. Dry nails are usually prone to damage such as chipping and splitting. So, the next time you apply some body lotion, try to spread it to your nails.

Avoid acetone-based products. An acetone nail polish remover can make your nails brittle because of it"s harsh chemical property. Try to go for a nail polish remover that doesn"t contain any acetone.

Simply magnifique!

Avoid hand washing too often. Washing your hands is definitely a hygienic habit but doing it too much can cause damage to your nails. If you can"t control this bait, try to moisturize after washing you"re hands. It"s also advisable to wear gloves whenever you come across with harsh chemicals when doing laundry or housework.

Don"t use nails as tools. Your nails are not as hard as the tools you use at home. Avoid using your nails for popping cans!

No to nail biting. Even though it"s a fun way to kill time, it"s a bad habit that needs to be stopped. Biting your nails can lead to damage which can be ugly.

Don"t remove your cuticles. Cuticles actually give extra protection to your nails and removing them would make your nails more susceptible to bacteria.

Trim it! Trim your nails regularly to keep it clean. Use sharp clippers and round the tips to make it stronger. If you"re toenails are too difficult to cut, soak them in warm water with salt for 5 to 10 minutes. If this is quite a chore, you can always go to a nail salon.

To have healthier and stronger nails, you need to impose some discipline to yourself and at the end of the day, you will feel gratified by the results of your hard work.


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