The Beautiful Art of Food and Wine Pairing

“Wine is meant to be with food – that"s the point of it.”- Julia Child (1912-2004)


Wine and food pairings can get a bit tricky especially for beginners. It is a valuable skill especially for a foodie who wants to have a more enriching experience in appreciating food. There are a lot of factors to consider to perfectly balance the flavor of the food to the taste of the wine. So, it is quite necessary for us to equip ourselves with the knowledge of proper pairing to get the most out of our meals.


Learning the ropes can definitely help us off to a good start.


How does this work?

There are specific components that makes up wine flavors: sugar, acid, fruit, tannin and alcohol. In line to this, food flavors also are composed of:  fat, acid, salt, sugar and bitter. To pair them, you can either pair similar tastes or contrasting ones. It"s all about knowing which goes perfectly with the specific taste.


Here are some few tips you could follow to start off:

Pinot Noir and Earthy Flavors


Recipes made with earthy ingredients such as mushrooms taste great with reds like Pinot Noir which has a subtle flavor but also full of  depth.

Chardonnay and Fish


Chardonnay goes perfectly well with fish or any kind of seafood because of it"s creamy taste.


Champagne and Salt


Champagne and other sparkling wines have a faint touch of sweetness and because of this, they can give a refreshing taste alongside with salty food .

Cabernet and Red Meat


California Cabernet is exceptional with juicy red meat such as steaks and chops. The tannins in these wines refresh your taste after each bite.


Sauvignon Blanc and Tartness


Zippy wines like Sauvignon Blanc goes well with tangy and tart sauces or dressings without being overwhelmed.


Dry Rose and Cheese


Some people would pair cheesy dishes with white wines. Others, would pair them with red ones. However, for most of these kind of dishes, they go perfectly with Dry Rose which has the qualities of both white and red wine.


Pinot Grigio and Light Seafood


Delicate white wines such as Pinot Grigio seem to bring out the rich flavor of light seafood dishes.


If you notice, it"s all about matching the right flavor to the right taste of your wine. Take also special consideration to the acidity and other noticeable qualities of the wine so that it won"t destroy the delectable taste of your dishes.


It might be a bit difficult at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you could easily mix and match your favorite wines along with your food.


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